Get the Balance Right - Financial Makeover for Female Entrepreneurs

Get the Balance Right - Financial Makeover for Female Entrepreneurs

  • 124 Episodes
  • English
  • Last updated Sep 16, 2021
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Hosted by
Heather Zeitzwolfe

Heather Zeitzwolfe

CPA | Profitability Coach | I help female entrepreneurs take control of their finances | Podcast host: Get the Balance Right | Speaker | Rebel | Nerd | Vegan | Cat Mom | Feminist | Activist

I'm a creative, empathic nerd who enjoys numbers. I help my clients understand their finances so that they can make empowered decisions in their business. My approach is non-judgemental and shame-free approach. Through my coaching I offer my clients accountability, support and honest feedback.

I'm not your Dad's accountant (Unless your dad's accountant has funky colored hair, transforms tofu into delicious desserts and geeks out on writing sketch comedy)! I'm here to get down and dirty in your numbers. I want you to understand your financials so that you can take your business to the next level. I work with creative small business owners helping them get a handle on their cash flow, increase their profitability, and forecast the future. But it's not all about profit, I help clients with a holistic approach to business that focuses on people, planet and purpose. I believe as business owners it is our duty to make choices on how it will impact our planet and society. Want to join me in this (peaceful) revolution?

I'm a total geek who loves creating spreadsheets, watching cult movies, and in my past life I must have been a drag queen. l am passionate about learning, growing and challenging myself and helping my clients do the same. I get really excited about data, organizing processes and exploring new technology. But...I also like to get super crazy on the dance floor and bust a move. My passions include, cooking amazing plant-based foods, standing up for animal rights (this includes humans), and hosting my podcast. - Heather Zeitzwolfe

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