Get the Balance Right - Financial Makeover for Female Entrepreneurs

Get the Balance Right - Financial Makeover for Female Entrepreneurs

  • 124 Episodes
  • English
  • Last updated Sep 16, 2021
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This show is for content creators who want to monetize their passion by embracing their profitable superpowers. Whether you're starting your entrepreneurial journey or want to take things to the next level, this podcast will help you Get Radical with Your Business! Join host Heather Zeitzwolfe, long-time vegan, Gen-Xer, cat mom, drag queen enthusiast, and collector of weird dolls and lunchboxes. Using her professional background in business, marketing, design, and finance, she's here to help you get off the cash flow rollercoaster and have smooth-sailing profits. If you're ready to crush your fears, take action, and do things scrappy, then pop on your headphones! (Podcast formerly known as Get the Balance Right)